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Janet E. Review

I don’t just like this hummus. I’m obsessed with it. To the point that my colleagues are saying, “Are you talking about that hummus again?” Some people talk about their pets. Some talk about their hobbies. I talk about this hummus. And when I’m not talking about it, I’m eating it — on sandwiches, gluten-free crackers, eggs, veggies… #noshame #yumilicious #freshlemondill all day long.

— Janet E.

Ithaca Hummus is literally the best hummus in the world. I can’t buy other brands because I just end up disappointed! At work I’m known as the Ithaca hummus girl because I eat it nearly everyday, it’s so hard to not eat the whole container!

— Jamie W.

Hands down the best & freshest hummus I’ve ever tasted. Honestly, it’s not even fair to other hummus brands how good this stuff is.

— Jenny

Possibly the most amazing hummus ever made. Perfect balance of tart and creamy. Had a sample one time and have literally not bought another brand since.

— Manami B.

My wife bought this new hummus from Publix. The first thing I said to her was “Wow this hummus tastes fresh. So good!”. She laughed and said that was exactly what it said on the packaging. Hummus is a staple in our diets and this product is by far the best! Keep it coming!

— Edward H.

I saw your hummus at Publix and decided to give it a try. I have tried every store bought hummus with less than wow results. However, your hummus is AWESOME!!! It is SO delicious and fresh and yummy and ginger licking good. The combination of flavors in the red pepper hummus are perfect! I cannot wait to try the others. Thank you for bringing this to market!

— Juyne S.

We absolutely love Ithaca Hummus. All of the flavors we have tried are amazing. Can’t get enough.

— Jennifer R.

We love Ithaca Hummus! It’s definitely the best we’ve had. My baby could eat a whole tub with his hands if we let him- it’s that good!

— Julia D.

Delicious & fresh! Ithaca Hummus is a must-have for our family. Sometimes I hide the container in a lesser-visited/visible part of the fridge so that my husband and kids can’t find it. Is that terrible? Wait, I don’t care. This is seriously the best hummus and it feels good supporting a regional business.

— Jackie A.

I LOVE THIS HUMMUS!! And I love Ithaca. I don’t buy hummus (I make it) because store bought hummus is usually…well, not good enough. Ithaca Hummus is the exception. It’s perfectly balanced and right now I am eating the entire container 😊 Thank you Chris!!

— Heather T.

Yes,yes,yes! The best hummus ever! Every flavor has been good. This makes the best sandwich spread. Currently enjoy the lemon garlic.

— Marlene C.

I discovered this hummus a couple of months ago. Hummus is a food group for me…I’ve even learned to make my own in my quest for the best hummus. This is better. To say I love this hummus, is an understatement. Last week my family and I were on vacation. We went to the local grocery store and my 12 year old son said “I hope they have your hummus Mom, so you don’t starve this week”.

— Gina Z.


— Cindy C.

This is the absolute best tasting garlic hummus I have eaten. it’s better than restaurant hummus!

— Erica F.

I like this hummus better than the one I make from scratch. Ithaca has the consistency and freshness of homemade with more vibrant flavors. And Ithaca hummus is made with healthy ingredients. I eat it with raw veggies, in sandwiches, and mixed in with whole grains. Soooo delicious!

— Joan S.

Ah yes…this just happened. If you find this at Stop and Shop or anywhere else just buy it if you love hummus. It’s my fave! Been waiting forever for this to come around my way to Connecticut I literally screamed in the aisle when I saw it was finally here. I’m hummus crazy because I’ve actually taken trips to Upstate, NY to get this. Yeah it’s that amazing Connecticut. Go get some now, but please leave some for me! #happydance

— Jennifer L.

Hands down the best hummus, I am so thrilled to have found it when traveling in major supermarkets in the US! this is so great because I was not looking forward to having subpar hummus on vacation! Tastes even fresher than homemade and well way better!

— Rachel T.

Ithaca Hummus is delicious. I will drive out of my way to get to a store that carries it, because it is just better than all other brands of store-bought hummus. My family and I love the lemon garlic, smoked chipotle, and the new kalamata olive flavors.

— Emily J.

Delicious! Best hummus I’ve ever had, can’t stay out of it. What a great smooth texture, and the taste is incredible. Thank you Ithaca Hummus!

— Joy S.

I have been meaning to contact you guys for a few months. My wife and I have tried every kind of hummus you can imagine. Yours is easily our favorite and the only one I will go out of my way to buy. It tastes super fresh. Keep up the good work.

— John G.

Hi and kudos on making the best hummus EVER!!! I’m moving from east coast to Scottsdale Az after just discovering you last week. I’m on my third container 😬 will you please come to Scottsdale? The grocery stores are beautiful and the clientele is healthy; they’ll love you!

— Kacy M.

Just had your hummus for the first time and I think it is the best I’ve ever had, so good! Everyone at our celebration loved it, maybe you can put out a larger size? 10-oz was only option where I bought it.

— David S.

Hi Ithaca – THANK YOU for making the best tasting hummus ever!! I have been your biggest fan here on the Space Coast of Florida, telling all my friends and coworkers about your product and encouraging them to buy it at our local Publix Supermarket. Keep up the great work, I hope your product makes it to every grocery store nationwide, it’s really really yummy!

— Melody K.

Just wanted to write and say hands down this is the best hummus ever!!! I’m a bit of a hummus snob. Make my own all the time. Decided to give this a shot. Amazed at how fresh it tastes. Thank you for such a great product.

— Angela D.

Hi! I love your company and all of the wonderful products that you put out. I love that I can trust this brand 100% for quality.

— Alaina D.

Just wanted to express the satisfaction and how much we love the product. We tried your brand a few weeks ago and it is the only brand we use now. Unlike many of the other brands, the flavor blended in the entire mixture puts it head of the game. Keep up the good work.

— Leo L.

I just discovered your hummus in Publix. I am a new Publix vendor (pimento cheese), and I love to get emails from happy customers. So now I am the customer sharing praise- your hummus is amazing!

— Cheryl B.

We have been buying your hummus at our local store and it is so good. We love the flavors the taste and the quality of it I know we have been getting it for some time and have not been disappointed in it. We have found that your hummus is so much better than others we have had and we will definitely be getting more especially with the holidays coming up

— Marie M.

Petra S. Review

We came to Ithaca for vacation and found hummus. This is what’s going home with us (& new ice packs ) to chicago , houston , castle rock & omaha.

— Petra S.


— Antoinette A.

This is the best hummus I’ve ever had.

— Garrett N.

Best hummus I’ve ever had! Wish it was easier to find by me…I would be eating it a lot more!

— Liz P.


— Cherisse L.

It’s fresh tasting in a new, unique way.

— Cheryl W.

Best tasting humus I have ever eaten!

— Roslyn R.

Great product!!! All flavors for all occasions.

— Chad E.

Best hummus ever. I got to meet the owner of the company and hear all the deets! It’s my only hummus!

— Karen S.

The best hummus around 🙌🏻 Each flavor is delicious and so fresh! The cold pressed really makes a difference. You will not be disappointed!!!

— Jessica H.

Ithaca Hummus is the best! Highest quality hummus on the market! Only one I buy now!

— Jane N.

So many great flavors, hard to pick my favorite.

— Caroline R.

Delicious! They were at Rochester VegFest where I tried their hummus for the first time. Incredible! Definitely the best hummus I’ve ever had, and being vegetarian I’ve tried quite a few!

— Brianna B.

Hands down the best hummus:)

— Mary B.

The only hummus that tastes super fresh and I can finish a whole container in one sitting 🤣😭

— Sara H.

I am always so happy to see Ithaca Hummus In my home state of Vermont. The quality and taste far surpass anything that I can get my hands on over here.

— Alexander L.

I don’t even like hummus very much, but I will not turn down Ithaca Hummus!

— Joseph S.

This hummus is sincerely delicious. ALL flavors have been amazing. I’m a huge fan of the hint of vinegar flavoring. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. I will be a loyal customer as long as I can find it in the supermarket!

— Anna L.

Hands down the best hummus ever! We are so happy our local Wegmans started carrying this. It really cannot be beat. All the flavors are great, it is wonderfully smooth and consistent.

— Chris V.

BEST HUMMUS EVER! I am a hummus snob and this surpasses all other hummus! I have used it with my hard boiled egg mashed together, dipping carrots and cucumbers in it and eating it right out of the container! Lemon garlic is my favorite! Thank you so much!

— Janet R.

Ithaca Hummus tastes like home. Not one brand since leaving home tasted quite like it. I’m so glad it’s gaining recognition so I can get a taste of home where ever I go!

— Steevyn B.

Best hummus ever! Love the beet/lemon flavor.

— Lori B.

My Favorite hummus! If you haven’t tried this you’re missing out. Fresh lemon garlic and smoked chipotle are my favorites.

— Maria G.

Your lemon beet hummus is the best I have ever tasted… bright, cheery, delish. Can’t wait to purchase more! 😁

— Barb E.

I have tried every hummus that our Publix supermarket carries in Florida. Ithaca hummus is by far the very best of all. I was so excited that this week they had a BOGO that I purchased four containers. My very favorite is lemon dill. I would highly recommend to any hummus lover to try this brand and you won’t be disappointed.

— LeeAnn H.

Ithaca Hummus is by far my favorite hummus brand (and trust me, I’ve tried every single one on the shelves!) that’s because besides tasting like it was made fresh in your home 5 minutes ago, it has few simple, real ingredients: chickpeas, water, tahini, oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and fresh herbs! These are exactly what I would use to make homemade hummus so… Nutrition-wise, it doesn’t get much better than this. 👏🏼

— @thegreenrd

This stuff is amazing!! So fresh and flavorful!

— Dena C.

No lie.
Truly outstanding.
Best I’ve ever had.

— Teresa F.

I had a bad experience with some gray hummus… yah I said GRAY about 20 years ago and have never eaten it since. My wife who loves hummus has always tried to get me to eat it. She swears by your hummus and finally I tried the lemon dill and OMG!!! It’s amazing and I can’t stop eating it. I don’t know who Chris is, but 👏🏻. I can’t get enough of this stuff now.  Thanks for changing my mind even if it took 20 years.

— Todd

Amazing!!! Have digestive IBS issues. Other store bought brands tried full of “stuff”.
Was hesitant but glad I purchased.
I am hooked. Thank you for a 😋 delicious and healthy snack alternative.

— Mary P.

I don’t know what kind of magic fairy dust you sprinkle on your chickpeas or whatever, but…OH. MY. GOODNESS! I literally almost dropped the container when I dipped into the hummus tub for the first time. I was, like, literally in awe at how creamy and tasty and balanced the flavor was (this was the garlic/lemon). I heart Ithaca Hummus!

— Christina D.

Love the variety of unique flavors (especially Kalamata olive)! I will never buy another hummus brand again. Ithaca hummus is a staple in our house. As a Cornell alum, I’m also happy to support anything coming out of Ithaca!

— Christina H.

I have never been a fan of hummus to be honest. The only reason I picked up this Ithaca humus is because it was a BOGO deal. OMG–it is awesome!! I can’t stop eating it. Delicious to say the least. Will never buy any other kind–you have a new customer Ithaca!!

— Sharon C.

Best #hummus I never made 😝 if you’re like me and apprehensive to buy things that you can easily make yourself then this is the hummus for you l. In a blindfolded taste test I would guess that this was my homemade hummus. 100% all natural and so very delicious and free from any of those funny aftertastes premade hummus’ may have. #plantbased #wholefoods #seriously#delicious @ithacahummus

— Sue D.

The best hummus EVER!! I’ve tried so many and I especially love the lemon dill but every one over tried is just amazing!! Target and Wegmans!

— Andrea P.

The best hummus ever! Love this flavor. Creamy, smooth, and pleasant!

— Melanie

By far, THE BEST HUMMUS EVER!! I no longer buy any other brand. My favorite is the lemon dill. Definitely worth a try, you will be hooked !

— Mackenzie W.