Real One Application

Real People. Real Fans. Real Ingredients. No Compromises… Ever.

Would you never compromise on fresh ingredients? Do you show your true flavors no matter what? Are you one more dip, scoop or spread away from becoming a human chickpea? They say you are what you eat and if you only choose Ithaca Hummus, you may be an Ithaca Hummus Real One. 

What is a Real One? A Real One is not only a fan, but a true insider. Real Ones are true ambassadors and co-creators of our brand. We seriously can’t do this without you.With all of your love and support also comes perks such as unique swag, VIP giveaways, the insider ‘scoop’ on flavor launches and much more!We can’t wait to review your application.

It’s real simple.

(just like our ingredients)

And now, for our Real One of The Month…

August 2020

Congratulations, David Klein!

We asked our realist fan a few questions:

What’s your favorite Ithaca Hummus flavor? Lemon Garlic and Kalamata Olive are a tie!

How would you compare Ithaca Hummus to other hummus brands on the market? Ithaca Hummus is edgy and has a zestful flavor. It’s actually very refreshing due to the lemon infusion.  

What’s your favorite hobby? I love playing tennis.

What’s your favorite quarantine activity? Definitely family dinner time with my daughters who have been home the last ~ 5 months. An absolute silver lining to counter this surreal situation.

If you could create one new Ithaca Hummus flavor what would it be? I’d like to see a spicy Buffalo flavor.