Ithaca Hummus Community Engagement Manager

A critical part of the Ithaca Hummus brand, the Community Engagement Manager (CEM) is a master of the art of communication. They have a zest for life, just like the lemons we squeeze. They seek adventure in everything they do from traveling to their tastebuds. Sound like you? Keep reading…

The CEM is on the front line of our communication strategy and social media marketing efforts, driving trial through outreach and building brand love through genuine curiosity and having engaging conversations with current and soon to be fans of Ithaca Hummus. 

Here at Ithaca Hummus, we make it simple. Do it right. And keep it human. 

Make it simple: Just like our hummus. The CEM keeps conversations with our community of fans alive. It’s simple goal, but takes a special person with the authenticity and passion do it right. Be curious about our fans as a whole, and as individuals. Ask them questions, surprise and delight them with personal touches, and show them we care by always being available to talk and to listen.  

Do it right: Timely responses and tailored conversations are key. We love our fans, and we want them to feel that love. We text back, fast. Almost too fast. We care about the details just as much as they do. We know them by name and write them handwritten love letters, I mean, thank you notes. Some people might even say that we are obsessed with our fans, but to us, they are worth obsessing over. 

Keep it human: Last, but most definitely not least. This is at the core of everything we do. We are real people. We make real food for real people. We are committed to our community and are always looking for ways to give back and be more involved. The opportunity to lead a meaningful conversation and build strong relationships energizes our ideal candidate. This is about bonding, not branding. We need a team player that understands our team extends well beyond the people on our payroll. 

Finally, this is not your typical 9-5. Flexibility is a must! This will include being attentive to your phone on nights and weekends as needed. As the Captain for our brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest, the CEM must be scrappy, driven and have a “do what it takes to get the job done” attitude.

Do you love lists as much as we do? Here’s ours: 

Community Management: 

  • Increase organic engagement 
    • Engage with and grow the number of authentic fans of Ithaca Hummus across all platforms. Proactively reply to comments and DMs on on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter TikTok and Pinterest
    • Reciprocate and spread the love by commenting, liking and engaging with non-Ithaca content that’s relevant to our brand and our community of fans.
  • Develop monthly content calendars, post, and fully manage content accordingly
  • Monitor content performance using organic engagement metrics to gain insights and refine our content themes and overall strategy.

Collaboration and Discovery: 

  • Proactively seek out and build personal relationships with Ithaca Hummus fans, artists, chefs and influencers 
  • Lead the creation and implementation of a never-ending source for quick recipe ideas for the Ithaca Hummus community
  • Perform primary and secondary research to further refine Ithaca’s core consumer groups
  • Develop and curate engaging content that aligns with our brand standards to achieve our overall business objectives
  • Assist in the development and management of brand programs as they relate to social media 
  • Collaborate with the director of marketing as needed on special projects
  • Work with director of marketing to develop tactics and KPIs metrics for a successful marketing campaigns
  • Support the director of marketing in the development of business plans

Increase trial and brand relevance: 

  • Keep consumers engaged with constant interaction 
  • Lead influencer seeding program
  • Identify thought leaders and brand partners in key geographies that influence brand image and resonate with our target consumers
  • Assist in the development of consumer loyalty program and new ways to keep Ithaca Hummus top of mind


  • Define and evaluate what success looks like
  • Effectively manage allocated resources to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of projects
  • Must dress up for Halloween 

 Did you just read this and think to yourself, “holy sh!t, this is me!”? click apply now!