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gut healthy hummus toast

recipe by @lakenmakes



Both lemon and garlic in Ithaca Lemon Garlic Hummus are filled with immune boosting antioxidants! Researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville found in one study that people taking garlic extract reported 20% fewer cold and flu symptoms, 60% fewer incidents of feeling sick enough to cancel regular activities, and 58% fewer missed days of work.*

Sourdough bread naturally contains a strain of gut healthy bacteria called lactobacillus, which gives the bread it’s distinctive taste. One strain, Lactobacillus Reuteri, has been shown to improve immunity and suppress tumor development. It also activates the gut brain axis by stimulating the brain to release the social hormone oxytocin.*

Sauerkraut is a a wonderful prebiotic, and like most other fermented foods, help feed the healthy bacteria in your gut so they can keep delivering all the healthy benefits they provide.

*Studies and benefits referenced from Eat to Beat Disease by William W. Li MD.

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